Monday, January 14, 2013

Short cut versus shortcut

It is truly amazing what a person will do to try to save a bit of time or effort. There have been some great inventions dreamed up in the interest of saving time and energy, so you can’t knock it, but sometimes a great amount of effort can be put forth to save time, just for the person to find that the effort wasn’t worth the effort.

I’m a prime example, in that I’ve been trying to grow my hair out long enough to put it up in barrettes or a pony tail. I have a ways to go, and I seriously wonder if I’ll make it. My hair is making me crazy. I haven’t had it cut for almost five months and I’m ready to grab the buzzer and mow it all off.

For years, the older I get, the shorter I wear my hair. It’s easier to deal with quickly on hectic mornings, faster drying, and it makes the gray not quite as noticeable.

But lately, my husband and daughter have both told me I should grow it out a bit. Eric says women are supposed to have long hair – a bit of nonsense I just roll my eyes at when he says it. I’ve had longer hair in the past. When I went into labor with my youngest child, I actually took the time to make big, fat braids in the front lengths and tack them behind my head so I wouldn’t have hair in my face the whole time I was trying to deliver a baby. I looked like a big Swedish whale.

It got shorter in increments – an inch here, an inch there – until one day I came home from the salon and my husband looked at me with a slightly sad face because it was so short. Yes, his mother always wore her hair halfway down her back when he was growing up and she literally cut it all off on our wedding day.

But now I have decided I want longer hair again. I want to pull it back or tuck it up into a hat or throw it in a pony. That will be fine once I get a bit of length going on. It’s the getting there that’s making me nuts. My bangs are always in my eyes. I have to use a ton of hairspray to keep it in place, which I hate. Crunchy hair bugs me. Especially because I tend to push strands of hair behind my ears, which can look odd if it was all glued into a different place to start with.

I want it longer mainly so I can put it up in a hurry. But why not just keep it shorter, which means it is technically already up?

Oh, it is indeed a conundrum.

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