Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolutions for 2013

It is customary to make resolutions for a coming new year, but I know me. We've met. My will power is right up there with my ability to work geometric equations. In other words... nada, zilch, I got nothing.

I could make vows to eat healthier, but then there's chocolate and potato chips and beer. Nope - I have earned the right to have popcorn for supper and poptarts for breakfast. Is pop rocks for lunch going too far? Probably.

I could try really hard to vacuum more or put clothes away after I fold them instead of treating the dining room table like an extension of my closet. Nope - as long as the dust bunnies are smaller than my 120 pound dog, the house is clean enough.

I could swear to have dinner on the table each night by 6 p.m. Nope - the darned table is full of folded laundry.

So, I have decided. My 2013 resolution is going to be "Party like a rock star."

I've earned it.

Hey, we all have.

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